Cartes mères

2021 – on going

37x28x5cm, Copper, tin, aluminum, silver, lead, acrylic glass

Cartes mères transforms into landscapes the metals present in the already obsolete printed circuits which surround us.

Immersed into electrolytic baths, the metals from printed circuits evolve at high speed, letting their matter escape to reorganize themselves into small worlds, with abundant and chiseled shapes.

We thus use the intrinsic properties of metals, and their ability to determine themselves. These potentialities are activated by a few parameters, which modulated, allow a mineral landscape to appear, where there were only residues of wires and pipes. The resulting metal crystals, which are extremely fragile, are solidified by a resin flow, which stops their development at a chosen moment. They form strange landscapes, which one could imagine coming from a distant future or from another world, and which nevertheless result from our own, and from the physical and chemical properties of matter.